The truth about consultants...

"... The best consultants are the ones who come with a portfolio of products and tools. Their trick is to have a really good portfolio of stuff that really works, is really good, and can be sold and implemented quickly in a very cost-effective way. So it isn't necessarily a bad thing at all when a consultant offers to sell you tools, as long as they are the right tools and the consultant really knows how to use them... "

I especially like the following points:

1) "This can only be accomplished through a large custom development project."

2) "Of course your data is safe."

3) "We'll need a day or two for optimization and debugging."

4) "Yes, we've done this before. There are several companies using this product (or technology). They really like it."

7) "The upgrade (or change) will be seamless and will not affect production."

9) "Yes, we tested this thoroughly before installing it."

Heard it. Might have (will never admit) said it. :)

More at "I, Cringley" (above part stolen from there as well)