Management by comitee?

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How many times do you think I can say that? I remember reading something along the lines of "Choose sides, always choose sides! You may be wrong, but if you don't choose you'll always be wrong." (C) Robert A. Heinlein.

So why does John Chambers think that management by committee is a good thing? Either accept responsibility for your decisions, or tell people you aren't the right person to do it. But don't devolve the decision making power to... Groups. It's always the managers fault and the teams victory :)

Of course... It might be me being crazy, and I'll grovel in a couple of months when this will prove to be the greatest management decision ever. Hey, I can be humble! :)
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Why I never!

Avaya Announces Agreements to Purchase Nortel's Enterprise Solutions Business

Really? No one expected that.

This is going to be fun. Especially since I know... well, nothing... about Nortel kit. :)

I'm shocked I tell you, SHOCKED!

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So, what has Google done this week? Well, they've removed the beta tags from Gmail, Google Docs and a few other on-line applications, and - and dear reader, you're in for a shock - announced their new Google Chrome Operating system.

... However, the operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web. So today, we're announcing a new project that's a natural extension of Google Chrome — the Google Chrome Operating System. It's our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be. ...

Please, sit in shock and awe of the awesomeness of Google :) After Android (plug: I'm a user and a fan of it), we now get another operating system for the PC. Now, if only my invite for Google Voice and Google Wave would come.

Hey, right, this is supposed to be a Project Management blog. We shall return to our regular programming as soon as we bury the next popstar.

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