Please excuse the inappropriate behaviour.

Imagine this.

David blogs about becoming a PMP, and complains about the state of PM-ing-as-a-profession in Slovenia, and the inactivity of the Slovenian PMI chapter.
"... I've never heard a peep out of the Slovenian one. Frankly, I was surprised that Slovenia even had a chapter - last I checked, PMing as a profession wasn't really on the map yet. Not that anyone has a map."

A kind reader points him in another direction - that of the IPMA and its Slovenian Chapter (caution, in Slovenian only). So, I drop them a mail saying "Hey, I'd like to take your certification as well - on a private basis, as I need to do PMP at work anyway." Seeing as I used their official form, that they've got the application on-line, and that the deadline to apply for this years certification is 20th of Feb - you'd think I'd get an answer pretty quickly, right?

No such luck.

Let me guess: they cater mostly to Government institutions and State-owned companies? Do over-analyzing courses in PM theory? Maybe a dash of out-of-office-let's-all-go-to-Bled trainings?

And then they, see, heaven help us, Capitalists! Ones not working in the country? Expats? EVIL! EVIL I TELL YOU! RUN, RUN AWAY!

State of PMing in Slovenia on the 5th of February, 2008: Still dead.


Oh my. Two of the expert articles in the last edition of the magazine:

"Strategic and Project coordination as a condition for successful construction of railway infrastructure on the example of an... entrance"??! (... and question marks/exclamations are mine, maybe "entryway" is meant, as the article discusses international rail corridors), and:

"Post project Projects of recycling plant construction". (what the fuck is an post-project project?)
It deals with the - pardon me - shit that is produced after recycling water in a recycling plant.

Now, as completely valid and inherently useful as these two things are, they do - ever so slightly - reinforce my opinion as to which market segment the organization is playing (and who is doing the paying).

And it ain't mine.